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  • Next to the Animal Tool (Kotulak) and Shadow Conspiracy's Multi Tool, this is the most official tool on the BMX market to date. This really going to eliminate any need to carry tools in your pocket or badpack. 
  • Peep Game dropped this promo edit not too long ago. Despite the weed smoking, this reminds me on a Gap commercial. I guess I'm trying to say, this is a well put together promo. Go check them out at the Peep Game Site
  • So the Kink dudes took a Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship as their main mode of transportation a couple of years back. By the looks of things, they had a pretty awesome time. Shh-it, wish I could of rolled with them. "Vacation time with the 2013 Kink Pro Team. We boarded the Royal Caribbean "Free...
  • since we can't embed Vital videos via URL yet, I had to toss this one up in the blog section.   

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