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  • After seeing this... I am compel to head over to the iTunes store and pre-order the Above Below video. I am curious about it. 
  • I didn't know this spot existed untill I was on the RideBMX site skimming through it and shit. This is to official! So this means: you could ride trails on rainy days. That's if you live in Louisville, or is passing through.
  • November 21
    Posted by PracticeBMX
    Just swipe this 3 photo gallery up from the S&M site: "Derek Dorame knows how to whip it good, and damn if those whips aren’t looking good on those all-gum SPEEDBALL tires! Previous to today, Derek was the only dude with ‘em, but they’re officially out now, so grab you some!"
  • If you haven't watched it yet. Here's how that Federal Signing went at ActionWheels in  Madrid. #Actionwheel #federalbikes

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